About Florida Philanthropic Advisors, LLC


Florida Philanthropic Advisors, LLC, is a Florida-based company that provides fund raising and planned giving consulting services to charitable organizations.

We are registered as a fund raising consultant with the Florida Division of Consumer Services (FC-12149).

John Elbare, the PG-COACH, is the founder and owner of the company. You can read more about him here.

Our Mission is to promote a better understanding and the skillful use of planned giving techniques by charitable organizations, professional advisors and donors.

Our Philosophy asserts that any charity can and should promote planned gifts, that technical knowledge is not necessary for getting started, and that donors will make planned gifts if they are properly approached.

Our Approach is to help each charity and development professional become as skillful as possible in marketing planned gifts. We aim to teach you to fish, not to fish for you. We do this through training seminars, on-site consulting and coaching, and practical tools to help you work more productively.fpa-logo

Florida Philathropic Advisors also provides general fund raising services, including fund raising audits, fund development plans, consulting services, major gift coaching, feasibility studies, seminars, and board training. For more information about these services, please visit our sistet web site www.FloridaGives.org