New Planned Giving Programs

meetingWe have streamlined the process of setting up a new planned giving program with a straightforward and effective system that every nonprofit can easily adopt and follow.

Our Planned Gift Development System consists of three steps:

Planned Giving Readiness Study -- We begin by assessing your organization's readiness for success in planned giving, so we can detect and fix any problems that may hinder your future efforts to raise planned gifts. We also identify prospective planned gift donors and assess your potential for future planned gift revenue.

Planned Gift Marketing Plan -- We work with you to develop a customized marketing plan, which becomes your detailed road map for launching and managing your new planned giving program. The plan includes specific activities for marketing planned gift opportunities, stimultaing donor inquiries, and approaching target donor groups.

Planned Giving Operations Manual -- We make sure you have a full set of all necessary policies, procedures, and reports, which are documented in a written Operations Manual.

Continuous Support and Coaching -- Once you have your new planned giving program set up and running, we remain involved, providing you withe expert support and guidance. At this point, you can use our Planned Giving Office package.

Contact us for information on designing and installing a Planned Gift Development System in your organization.